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The beach is one of those places that makes me feel happy. The crowds, the heat, and the frigid waters of New England beaches make me less happy so I  have learned to seek out the beach differently. My ideal time to beat the crowds and enjoy the best of what New England beaches have to offer is to head there an hour or two before sunset. By that point most of the crowds have already started to head home, specially most families with younger children. What is usually a crowded view with beach umbrellas blocking the landscape, becomes a serene space, with fewer people. The colors of a sunset are also some of the most beautiful, and a usually flat landscape begins to take on soft pastel colors and everything is bathed in a warm golden light.

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This is the perfect time to have a picnic at the beach. Late evening when you would usually be having dinner. We laid out our picnic blanket, our small handheld cooler, and dug into the traditional Dominican fried food that I packed in a small, portable bento box. It tasted amazing, and really reminded me of my childhood in the beaches of Dominican Republic, which remain some of the happiest memories of my life.

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As the sun set more and more, the crowds cleared even more, and the golden light made the landscape look like a completely different place. At that moment I was happy we didn’t come to the beach while it was crowded. Although we definitely had less time to explore and enjoy, we weren’t tired from a full day of being at the beach, and the little time we did spend at the beach was definitely quality time that we both enjoyed more than some longer trips we have taken to the beach in the past. Crane Beach Ipswich-5

Crane Beach Ipswich

The sunset at Crane Beach was gorgeous, as it has been every time I have visited, even on a sunset visit at the end of December. I felt truly lucky to get to enjoy the best parts of a visit to the beach without the usual stress and overcrowding. Crane Beach is most definitely a gem, one of the many properties operated by the The Trustees of Reservations, which are incredibly well maintained and allow the general public to enjoy some of the best things the region has to offer. For more information on visiting Crane Beach or any of the other Trustees properties, visit

Have you been to the beach this summer? What is your favorite New England beach and your favorite time of day to visit? Please share your advice in the comments!

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Written by Karina


Karen Hopkins

Wow. This looks gorgeous!!!! I will have to go here next summer. My mom lives in MA so we will be visiting this beach for sure. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you Karen, if you do make it up to Crane Beach, be sure to visit the Crane Estate, a beautiful mansion by the beach which is open to the public. Your parking fee for the beach also covers admission to the estate!


I love the pictures. I haven’t been to any New England beaches. The only Atlantic Beach ice been to was in Virginia. But I grew up in San Diego, about 20 minutes from the beach. They have some beautiful beaches there with warmer water. You make me want to move back “home”! :)


The warm beaches of San Diego sound awesome! The Atlantic is definitely way too cold for me, although the coast is beautiful and has a very different landscape than what I was used to in the Caribbean, so in a way I’ve fallen in love with these beaches too. But I definitely need a vacation somewhere warm, maybe I’ll visit San Diego!


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