It is no secret that you can get great Chinese food in Chinatown. What many don’t realize, is that you can get some pretty good offerings from different Asian countries as well. Take New Dong Khanh Restuarant, located in the heart of Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood, this small, Cash only Vietnamese Restaurant is serving up delicious traditional Vietnamese offerings, as well as Chinese classics. New Dong KhanhThe restaurant also makes some of the best Boba Teas and Smoothies in the neighborhood. The tapioca balls they put in these smoothies are chewy and delicious, and I love adding them to my mango coconut smoothies for a nice textural contrast. Their smoothie menu has almost every flavor you can think of, and specially considering you can mix flavors to make your perfect combo. Their milk tea is also refreshing and delicious, and I love stopping into this place in the summer just for the smoothies and teas.

The Pho Bo Kho, a brisket soup in tomato sauce was spicy, although according to Rob, the brisket was a bit tough and he was unable to finish it, but the deliciousness of the broth balanced that out.

The Com Suong Bi, barbecue pork chop with shredded pork skin, one of my favorite vietnamese dishes, was as near perfect as it gets for me.

Service was quick and friendly, and the restaurant wasn’t too crowded on any of my visits, which have mostly been during Weekday afternoons. If you’re looking for an affordable and delicious meal in Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood, New Dong Khanh  is a great spot.

New Dong Khanh New Dong Khanh-2





Monday – Sunday  9am – 10:30pm


83 Harrison Ave. Boston, MA 02111

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Written by Karina



It looks delicious, I love trying different types of food and I’m sure I’d love this restaurant!


I would love to visit Chinatown! I’m always looking for new places to travel/restaurants to try! Finding new places to eat is such a fun hobby of mine. If I ever find myself in Boston, I’ll definitely visit this restaurant :) Thanks for the share!


I love trying different types of cuisine. I’ve had boba tea before, but not that particular flavor (it wasn’t yellow), I liked it.

Ana De-Jesus

Glad you had a good time and the food looked delicious for meat eater. We have a China Town in the UK too and I love to explore it sometimes!


I love that you can find these neighborhoods all over the world, they let you travel without leaving your city. There are some delicious Vegetarian Vietnamese dishes, including vegetarian fried rice and a tofu pinaple and tomato stir fry.


you do the loveliest reviews !! I adore your blog and your stile, you can make me taste the yumminess through your post and pictures and that’s a rare quality! Pinned


LOL! You can find Chinese food in Chinatown? :) Outside my office, I often chill in a Vietnamese restaurant. They are known for their noodles eh?


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