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Henry's Market_-11Whenever I go on a day trip, one of the things I look forward to the most is the food. Unfortunately, when you are someplace you don’t know, food can be a huge hit or miss if you don’t do some research. But sometimes, things align in your favor and you end up at an unexpected spot that turns out to be really great.  When we visited the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse in New Castle Island, NH we planned to have lunch a couple of towns over, but after making an unplanned stop to take in the views of the island and getting distracted exploring the lighthouse, we were so famished by the time we left the lighthouse that we decided to go the closest place we could find. To our delight it ended up an awesome little spot right on the island called Henry’s Market Cafe.

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Their menu featured fresh, quality ingredients, delicious sandwich options, as well as salads and pastries.  Sandwiches are always a good choice for lunch, they’re filling so we have plenty of fuel for the second half of the day, without the heaviness of a huge meal.

Henry's Market_-4D went with the BLTA (Bacon Lettuce Tomato Avocado), it had more avocados than any sandwich I had ever seen. D hates avocados, but luckily I love them so I just eat them for him and pretend that I’m doing him a favor instead of the other way around. Henry's Market_-6

I went with the turkey sandwich. It was like thanksgiving in a bun, with a delicious cranberry sauce, and even some green apples for some crunch.

Henry's Market_-2The beautiful dreamcatchers on the walls of Henry’s Market capture the place’s atmosphere, and their earthy natural look reminds me of their menu.
Henry's Market_-10The place is small, but it was comfortable and bright. While we enjoyed the our lunch there was a local couple discussing weekend plans, and leisurely reading the paper. You can usually tell how good a place is by how comfortably and routinely locals visit, and Henry’s Market is very popular with the locals on the small town of New Castle. It was the perfect spot to regroup after taking in the beautiful views of New Castle Island, and the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, and only minutes away from Strawbery Banke Museum.

Henry's Market_-12Henry’s Market 



Mon-Fri: 7am-5pm

Saturday: 7am-3pm

Sunday: closed


52 Main St

New Castle, NH

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Written by Karina -mylettersoftransit.com


Elizabeth O

I’m always impressed by the exquisite meals we can find and enjoy in small towns around the USA. I was glad to read about your delicious lunch there, and will make a note to enjoy some food there when I’m in the area. Yum! 💖


I love little markets especially with their own personality. The dream catchers prove just how unique this little place is because I’ve never seen them in a market before.


Oh wow sounds like an amazing place to have lunch, beautiful dream catchers and the sandwiches look really delicious

The Wardrobe Stylist

The sandwiches really look great. They are rich with ingredients and seems like it was worth it. I love the dreamcatchers, they are so pretty and have so much character.


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