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The White Mountain Region of New Hampshire is brimming with beautiful spots. During a weekend getaway we stayed at a beautiful historic Inn in Jackson NH, Eagle Mountain House and Golf Club. The first day of our trip it was cloudy and drizzling most of the day, but I never like to let that ruin a trip so I put on my rain jacket and ventured out to explore the area near the hotel. I didn’t have to go far because within walking distance of the hotel there was the beautiful cascading, Great Brook.

Cascades Great Brook NHThe cloudy day provided the perfect environment for me to take long exposure shots. It also had the added benefit of clearing out the usual crowds. With only a few other people to share it with, I was able to take my time and experiment with the settings, since I am still learning photography. It is hard to find the right lighting conditions to take really long exposures and achieve a flowing effect in water but, cloudy days are perfect for it, and with the addition of an ND filter I was able to successfully capture movement in a photo for the first time!

Since the colors were so washed out even to the naked eye, I thought this was as good a time as any to experiment with black and white for the first time.

I had a fantastic time in the Brook. The sound of the water cascading down is very calming, and was the perfect environment for me to get lost in taking photos. With all the experimenting, and few people around to interrupt me, two and half hours had passed by the time I decided to pack up and leave because the rain was getting stronger.

I definitely want to come back on a sunny day, bathing suit in tow!

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Written by Karina - Letters of Transit

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