Driving through the White Mountains in New Hampshire is one of my favorite New England experiences. Miles of picturesque winding roads, and  the changing and unpredictable weather make it a truly scenic experience. If you are driving down Route 302, one of the most beautiful sights you will encounter is Crawford Notch State Park. Crawford NotchI ran across this location almost by accident. We had decided to just drive without a destination, taking turns at random and letting the path lead us where it may. With so much beauty all around us, we knew that no matter where we landed there would be something interesting to see, but I was not prepared for what I saw when suddenly the narrow mountain road opened up to reveal the Sacco Lake at the Head of Crawford Notch.Crawford notch 5The view of the mountain is breathtaking and feels so close. Crawford Notch 12Crawford Notch 10Crawford Notch 11You almost don’t realize how immense it is until you look up, and it really gives you a sense of how small we are.  Crawford Notch 3I loved watching all the families teaching their young children to fish in the lake, which only allows fishing for children under 12. There are also little dispensers where for a few quarters you can get grain to feed the ducks in the lake. Crawford Notch 8Crawford Notch 7Crawford Notch 4Further up the road you will find the Flume and Silver Cascades. They seem to just fall out of the side of the mountain, and are much bigger and taller than they appear in the photos. Once you find them, you park a couple feet up the road and if you want you can hike up Silver Cascade. Crawford Notch 6You will notice snow in some of the shots, be advised that it snows at the top of the mountain well into spring and part of summer. If you go high enough on some mountains in this region, you will find snow year round, so be sure to plan accordingly. Foxyness on Crawford NotchOn our way back from the cascades we ran across this foxy little family on the side of the road. The mother fox even posed for some photos I will be sharing in a future post. Crawford Notch 2Crawford Notch is a definitely worth the drive. If you will be visiting the White Mountains, check out the Great Brook, not far from Crawford Notch, a good place to cool off, enjoy some more beautiful cascades and take a dip in the river. What is your favorite spot in the White Mountains?

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