Beta Burger-6Few foods hit that sweet spot of flavor and comfort quite like a juicy burger overflowing with my favorite toppings. The downside of course that they are generally unhealthy and stand in the way of my goals to live a healthier lifestyle and consume healthier foods. That’s where Beta Burger in Boston’s Mission Hill Neighborhood comes in.
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The new restaurantBeta Burger boasts delicious burgers cooked in an oven that mimics sous-vide cooking, so instead of searing the patty with high heat, the burger is cooked slowly at a low temperature, producing some of the juiciest, most delicious burgers I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. While the method may do little to actually reduce the calories in a burger, the more intense flavor allows you to savor the taste of the meat, and feel sated without the feeling of greasiness that so often accompanies fast food.The owner, a charismatic former financier, exudes enthusiasm for the food, helping to personally assemble orders while explaining the cooking method. He was nice enough to share an insider tip on how to get the best value. If you’re in the mood for an Alpha Burger, which boasts two patties and your choice of toppings, just get the Beta Burger with an extra patty, you’ll end up with essentially the same burger, only a little cheaper.
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I got the chance to try their special marshmallow burger. I have to be honest, this is not something I ever imagined I would like, but once I tried it I loved it! The marshmallow only adds a touch of sweetness, and I felt it actually brought out the flavor of the meat even more. It’s definitely a recipe I will copying a lot this summers, specially during those summer barbecues and camping trips. Overall, Beta Burger is definitely worth checking out, they also deliver if you live in the area and will be featuring a new special burger every week. The restaurant itself is rather small, but there is additional seating in the floor below, and the service is friendly. Have you tried Beta Burger? What did you think?
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Beta Burger 


SUN – THUR: 11AM – 9PM
FRI – SAT: 11AM – 9PM


1437 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02120

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Written by Karina


The Wardrobe Stylist

It looks so mouth watering just looking at it. I can’t imagine what it tasted it like. Yum! I haven’t been to Boston in forever but it surely one place that I do love visiting. the next time I’m there I should check this out when I’m in the mood for burgers.


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