Boston Hill Farm North Andover MA-11

Apple Picking in Boston Hill Farm

Autumn in New England is by far one of the most beautiful times of year, and one in which I tend to feel most grateful to call this region home. The bright colors engulf the landscape, making even a stroll to the park feel more appealing. The change in season brings more than just a… Read more »

Crane Beach Ipswich-4

Sunset Picnic at the Beach

The beach is one of those places that makes me feel happy. The crowds, the heat, and the frigid waters of New England beaches make me less happy so I have learned to seek out the beach differently. My ideal time to beat the crowds and enjoy the best of what New England beaches have to offer is to head there an hour or two before sunset.

Japanese Garden at the MFA Tenshin-en_

Tenshin-en Garden of the Heart of Heaven

Peace. That elusive feeling we are all desperately searching for. The hectic lifestyle most of us lead, with constant pressure, deadlines, and non-stop connectivity to remind us of what we have yet to achieve, can make finding any semblance of that peace feel like a distant dream. Yet, peace is the only word I can… Read more »

Spring Lawrence MA-2

Scenes of Spring

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year in New England, or pretty much anywhere for that matter. I always enjoy watching how it transforms cities into gardens, and makes everything more beautiful. As the streets of Lawrence bloom, the mills and their brick architecture seem to stand out more as they serve… Read more »

Crawford notch 5

White Mountains – Crawford Notch

Driving through the White Mountains in New Hampshire is one of my favorite New England experiences. Miles of picturesque winding roads, and  the changing and unpredictable weather make it a truly scenic experience. If you are driving down Route 302, one of the most beautiful sights you will encounter is Crawford Notch State Park.

Turkey Crossing

Song of the Open Road

“AFOOT and light-hearted I take to the open road! Healthy, free, the world before me! The long brown path before me, leading wherever I choose! Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I am good fortune, Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing, Strong and content, I travel the open road.”              … Read more »

Great Brook falls White Mountains NH_

Great Brook in the NH White Mountains

The White Mountain Region of New Hampshire is brimming with beautiful spots. During a weekend getaway we stayed at a beautiful historic Inn in Jackson NH, Eagle Mountain House and Golf Club. The first day of our trip it was cloudy and drizzling most of the day, but I never like to let that ruin a… Read more »

  • Fort Foster_-29

    Ocean Views and Ancient Forts in Fort Foster in Kittery Maine

    The glittering beaches and beautiful pier, mixed in with the historical forts and lighthouse views, made Fort Foster in Kittery, Maine a particularly great spot for a day trip. Fort Foster Park includes miles of trails, each offering different views of the beautiful landscape. This is of course a very popular spot during the summer,… Read more »

  • New Dong Khanh-10

    New Dong Khanh Restaurant in Chinatown Boston

    It is no secret that you can get great Chinese food in Chinatown. What many don’t realize, is that you can get some pretty good offerings from different Asian countries as well. Take New Dong Khanh Restuarant, located in the heart of Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood, this small, Cash only Vietnamese Restaurant is serving up delicious… Read more »

  • Lawrence_

    5 Views of the Ayer Mill Clock Tower in Lawrence, MA

    Last summer I went to an exhibition at the MFA by the great Japanese artist Hokusai. One of the most interesting exhibits was his 36 Views of Mount Fuji, a series of prints depicting Mount Fuji from different angles and at different times. The collection includes more than 36 prints, as 10 more were added… Read more »

  • Feb Recap

    Contemplating Book Burning: February Reading Recap

    The very idea of a civilization without books, like that of Fahrenheit 451 where the main character is a book burning fireman, fills me with sadness and terror. I deeply love books, and cannot imagine my life without them. Yet, ironically it was the first book I read in February, Grey by E.L. James that… Read more »

  • Henry's Market_-9

    Refueling at Henry’s Market in New Castle, NH

    Whenever I go on a day trip, one of the things I look forward to the most is the food. Unfortunately, when you are someplace you don’t know, food can be a huge hit or miss if you don’t do some research. But sometimes, things align in your favor and you end up at an… Read more »

  • Portsmouth Harbor Light House-14

    Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

    One of the best parts of the New England region, is the amount and variety of interesting places to visit, all within a couple of hours of each other. For locals, it can be a little too easy to forget all there is to see and do. I am lucky enough to live in Massachusetts,… Read more »

  • Strawberry Banke Museum-3

    Living History in Strawbery Banke Museum

    I love historic homes and exploring historic places. I find learning about the past, observing the differences in architecture and lifestyle very fascinating. In New England we are lucky to have a few living history museums where visitors can get a full idea of the history of the area and how residents lived in the… Read more »

  • Salem Maritime National Historic Site-11

    Friendship of Salem Maritime Historical Site

    Salem has a rich maritime history that dates back to the original Native American inhabitants of the region, which once considered it an important trading and fishing spot. The tribe that inhabited the area during the arrival of the Europeans in 1647  were known as the Naumkeag, which also meant fishing place. Picking up where… Read more »

  • Beta Burger-6

    Beta Burger Boston

    Few foods hit that sweet spot of flavor and comfort quite like a juicy burger overflowing with my favorite toppings. The downside of course that they are generally unhealthy and stand in the way of my goals to live a healthier lifestyle and consume healthier foods. That’s where Beta Burger in Boston’s Mission Hill Neighborhood… Read more »